Interview – Bang Bang Romeo

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With the release of their EP Adore Me and their recently debut gig at The Leadmill, Sheffield, Bang Bang Romeo are becoming the band on everybody’s radar! We got the chance to interview the four piece, Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron, Joel Phillips and Richard Gartland on their band’s history, music influences, EP launch party and their plan’s to make it to the national stage!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and the band Bang Bang Romeo? Where did it all start?

Hey guys, thanks for featuring us for a start! Well, we actually met through our manager Keith Langley former Utah Saints member at a festival.  Both me (Anastasia) and Ross were gigging separately there, and Keith thought we’d work well together, we’ve been a band ever since. We’ve had different line-ups throughout the last couple of years, then Joel came along and it all just jelled really naturally, finally completing the puzzle three months ago when Rich came on board. We’ve gone from strength to strength writing wise ever since. 

How did the band name ‘Bang Bang Romeo’ come about? What is the meaning behind it?

Haha it’s weird actually because we were sat in a Tapas bar in Sheffield, and the name Bang Bang Romeo came randomly, we’d had different ideas for band names, but this one just felt right. It’s different and it just suits us. It’s got the poetic side of us, and the big ‘in your face’ kind of feel to it also, our songs are about everything from love to death, suiting our music perfectly we’d hope!

We’ve had a listen to your music; we see some similarities to bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Florence & The Machine but also something new, refined and original as well. What has influenced you guy’s in creating your sound?

The thing we love most about our music is that people find it hard to pigeon hole us into a genre. We’re not here to reproduce what’s already been done.

We’re inspired by so many different artists, and we as a band all have different tastes of music, but it all fits together.  Biggest influences would probably be the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, The Beatles, David Bowie, Arcade Fire the list could go on and on!

The new EP ‘Adore Me’ is out now. We really enjoyed listening to it, really good balance of songs and elements on the record, great piece of work! What was it like working on it and indeed working with co producers Ian Dench and Clive Martin?

Yeah we’re really happy with the EP and the feedback it’s got so far. When we started recording, it was just me and Ross, travelling back and forward from London working with Ian & Clive. For us it was a dream come true to be in the studio with two extremely inspiring and successful people in the business, both introduced to us by Keith. We also got Andy Treacy of Faithless and Groove Armada in on the drums as at this point Rich wasn’t part of the band. We’re still working with them all, and are very honoured to be doing so.

Your title track ‘Adore Me’ was remixed by DJ Wally Lopez and will be released on his forthcoming album this month. How does it feel to be formally recognised by internationally acclaimed artists such as DJ Wally Lopez and your music represented through EMI?

When we heard the news that DJ Wally Lopez was remixing our song ‘Adore Me’  it just blew us away. I mean, what unsigned band gets to have their track remixed by a world renowned DJ, and then have it released through EMI? It’s great news, Wally is brilliant, and we can’t wait to see what happens with that.

In regards to your sound, you guys definitely offer something original and refined. Compared to some of the up and coming artists we’ve listened to so far, we think that your sound is very well crafted and professionally polished; when we listen to your music you can not only hear the lyrics and the instruments but also the hard work and time spent of rehearsing, recording and producing the right sound. Now into 2013 and the release of your EP, do you think the timing is now right to push your music forward?

Yeah, we put a lot of heart and soul into this EP, time and work.  We are really happy with it and hope that people like our sound.  We’re constantly evolving as a band though and with the addition of the new members we have since taken our sound in another darker direction and will be in the studio within the next fortnight laying down more new tracks. We really feel now is our time and to deliver what we know we have to potential to do, we need to push on now and not rest on our morals.

From your fans, Sine FM Radio and BBC Introducing, how has the overall response and support been for your music and the experience of sharing your music across the country?

We’re so grateful for all the support people have given us.  I think we can all agree that apart from being on stage and performing live to people who sing your songs back at you, knowing that people buy, take home, listen,  and love your music is the best feeling ever.

We’ve built up a great local fan base who are absolutely fantastic and loyal and the word is starting to get out now, we could just do with that one lucky break now to really take our music onto the national stage.

Last year in December your EP Launch event was a sell out at Doncaster’s new live music venue – Social. That must have been an incredible night for you guys!?

Yeah, It was so humbling to see such massive local support for us, it was our first gig in our hometown for over a year so we weren’t really sure how it was going to go, it was overwhelming. We’ve played hundered’s of gigs up and down the country but you can’t beat our hometown support. It really was a top night for us and a real sign we are starting to move in the right direction.  

A lot of stuff planned this year; third live session with BBC Introducing Sheffield, The Leadmill, thisfeeling , The Cockpit in Leeds, Huddersfield University,  Fiddlers in London and Tramlines Festival, 2013 looks set to be your year doesn’t it?

We’d like to think so yeah, Things have really started moving forward for us now and we just need to keep that momentum going. We feel we have the set in place now capable of taking us as far as we want to go, and the sky really is the limit, so we are just planning on grabbing every opportunity presented to us by the balls and giving it a good old Bang Bang Romeo seeing to and see where that takes us.

It was a pleasure interviewing you guys, great stuff! You can check out and follow the band on Facebook & Twitter for the latest band news and upcoming tour dates. The next gig @ The Priory Club is scheduled for the 29th March at their hometown in Docaster, so to all the Bang Bang Romeo fans out there, make sure you don’t miss out!

Article written by Mustafa Mirreh