EP Review: Son Lux – Alternate Worlds EP

Son Lux - Alternate Worlds

Following up the release of last year’s stunning album Lanterns, producer/composer Son Lux introduces another masterpiece – Alternate Worlds, a short EP offering his reworks on four tracks from the original album.

Exquisitely out of this world, reinventions traverse unfamiliar terrain within remembered landscapes. Son Lux offers us a darker and perceptual edge to his sound; truly unique soundscapes layered one after another, swirling with tenser vocals and pulsating beats.

We see an alternate age to Alternative World with darker and distant production, shape shifting between reality and the supernatural. Son Lux teams up with Lorde on the rework of Easy, more gripping then the original, Lorde’s sinister vocals combined with the intense producer, the duo have create a beast ready to be unleashed. Building A Pyre is electrifying with its interloping electro synths and soaring vocals whilst the chilling side to Lost It To Trying (Mouth Only Lying); alluring vocals and the consisting thump of explosion in the background shows us that their world is both alien and familiar.

A must have into your collection, the EP is currently available digitally via bandcamp, with a vinyl release date of May 26th. All vinyl pre-orders include an instant download of every song.

Verdict 5/5