EP Review: Andy Watts – ‘Fragments of Bone EP’

andy watts

We caught musician, film maker and graphic designer Andy Watts earlier this month at The Birdcage and after reviewing the show Andy introduced us to his latest release Fragments of Bone.

The five track EP showcases Andy’s sharp qualities from his soul swaying vocals, clapping percussion, shimmering acoustics and songwriting prowess. Words that flow in sync, story telling through slick guitar work and folk driven instrumentals. Museum of Love is charismatic with its clapping percussion intro, gentle guitar strings and Andy’s passionate driven words. Delicate violin strings and orchestrated instrumentals take shape in sincere piece Seaweed Hair, some exquisite piano chords and charming jingles certainly brighten up the record, a bit of a foot stomp or dancing to this as you listen away. Throw Me comes at you full of warm spirits whilst Andalucia will leave you dancing the night away.

A multi instrumentalist and songwriter having played drums and vocals for many bands including platinum selling group The Seahorses, Stuart Staples of Tindersticks, and Roger Goslyn (Jools Holland’s RnB Orchestra)Fragments of Bone is certainly an impressive choice to add to your musical collection.

Fragment of Bone is available to stream in full over at soundcloud and also available in limited edition white vinyl.

Verdict – 3.5/5