Live Review: BLM Party – Scarlet Rascal + Candy Darling (Vents) @ Start The Bus (13/6/14).

Scarlet Rascal + Candy Darling (The Vents) – Start the Bus, Bristol 13th June 2014. Teaching the De-Curriculisation of Music.

Lesson 1:


Collections of sweat dribble and cascade

down crimson encrusted interior structure

as musical villains take to the stage

zero blank firing

concussive Candy Darling.


A dictator of Detroit 70’s trash

wayward big sister

pessimism purveyor

hair ripped on the ends

gracefully ragged

around her 8 track cellar sound

a crowd became gathered.


Slapping sludge of strung out chords

hankering for a hit

ambient electronic texture

scraping of 80’s dark corner bits

proudly failed elegance

displaying drooping petals

Echo and the Bunnymen

fed through a Rat pedal.


To an audience of faces

blissfully contorted

who sway and writhe

in the viscous sound

sniffing the Patti Smith treacle

as it trickles down.


As a bereft ballad begins

clasp on the mic stand

as if a most needed crutch

the trembling key sounds

from Hammond hell

imploding despair born in a vacuum

a fuzz speckled score

from Lost in Translation

with frequent digression

and temper tantrums. 


Then the drum machine stampedes

crumbling into vibration

condensing into a note heavy scrap

“Karen O” worthy

defiant recitation

like a spray of gravel

that flicks in your eye

thick spinning wheels

of darkly driven motivation.


Lesson 2:


Fade onto screen

a line-up cinematic

spear-headed by a man

carefully blown

from translucent glass

stepping conspicuously

from shadow to shadow.


Ignites us with a harrowing sound

like winded air craft in decent

pounding of pending Godzilla attack

The echoes of reverb slap your ears

quiver the spine sat in your back.


Guitar lines stepping

on each other’s toes

planned awkward steps

as if unchewed

and swallowed whole

The Fall treading firmly

into a waltz

with groans that drift

and spiral down

taking the lead of prodding persistence

from an early enthused Interpol.


Stumbling intentionally into “Impulsive Light”

We hear a feminine wail

from beyond a point where it doesn’t shine so bright

a Roll of drums

seem to dance in pairs

cat claws on steel

with grandiose variety

a Lou Reed chunter

is swallowed by a buzz

which drowns his story

with over-lapping dynamics

smothering the pretence of classic piety.


The rebounding and turning

crowd of fairground tea-cups

as vocalists wide eyes

gaze upon the scene

head nodding panorama

of hypnotic subjects

as he slumps and leans

against the air

a dignified stance

with a large and deliberate tear.


Epic e-bow epilogues

cavorting with distortion

feel of claustrophobic

subterranean bars

a facial slap

played in stop motion

heated final scenes of commotion

closing a haunting film noir.


Review by Roger Ravencroft, photography by Louise Brady.

A Blunderbuss Press Distribution.