Live Review: Red Snapper + Port Erin (Album Launch) @ The Louisiana (19/9/14)

A night of two album launches at the Louisiana and first up on the evening of double headers was Port Erin who were casting a glimpse into their third LP Floating Above The City.

Port Erin Collage

The group were dressed in black as they came to the stage and were all set to deliver an unforgettable experience. The tracks and sounds from their upcoming new album started off with a bang as the exceptional skills on guitar combined with raging bass licks and furious use of effects to create an epic introduction to Port Erin. Already shifting the gears, the band were producing some amazing sounds that kept the crowd at the Louisiana on their feet all. Exceptional guitar work using harmonics highlighted the creative and innovative nature of the band and the funk influences mixed with alternative energy was indeed impressive and unique.


With Port Erin having got into gear, they then dedicated a song to the band that would follow next on stage, Red Snapper; producing an amazing final track that wowed the audience. Perhaps the most engaging band seen at the Louisiana for some time, Port Erin have written themselves into Louisiana folklore and were the perfect start to an incredible night that was set to continue with Red Snapper, the legendary acid jazz quartet from London.

Red Snapper Collage

Arriving on stage was the signature double bass along with saxophone that makes Red Snapper so cool. With an introduction to some tracks off of their new album Hyena, Red Snapper just continued the amazing funk and energy at the Louisiana. Within seconds there was funk riffs and saxophone notes merging with an electronic and African beat that created layer upon layer of classic acid jazz.


With more tracks from the new album such as Card Trick ranking up the intensity, Red Snapper mixed and matched to cast some amazing songs from their new album and gave the Bristol community a treat in the process. These two bands were exceptional and both Port Erin and the mighty Red Snapper are more than welcome to drop in to Bristol any time.

Review by Nick Bulbeck. Photography by Mustafa Mirreh