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UATM Announce Stage At This Year’s Bristol Harbourside Festival.


Bristol based music community UATM has just announced that they’ll be running a stage at this year’s Bristol Harbourside Festival taking place on the 19th/20th July.

The independent music community managed by BRIDGES frontman Ethan Proctor will be running a stage at The Louisiana on 20th July, bringing together the best new music in Bristol and beyond. Indie pop four piece Aztecs are confirmed as this year’s headliners along with a array of bands including Tiers, Darwin Republic, Moon Club, Why We Love, BRIDGES and many more acts to be announced!

UATM began as a monthly residency at The Louisiana, it has steadily grown over the last few months showcasing some of the best music in the scene through its monthly music events – now the community is evolving into something bigger with more exciting announcements coming over the next few months.

It started as something I wanted to do in Bristol, UATM which I dropped last week on social media. Its starting off as event nights but the goal is to create a community because we’re all really good friends with all the bands and just getting more people involved in what we want to do.’ – Ethan Proctor from our interview with BRIDGES.

UATM 5 takes place on Tuesday with music from No Atlas, Ranger Camero and The Travis Waltons, for more info visit the event page here.


Bristol Harbourside Festival 2013 Highlights

From the party vibes on queens square, the delicious food markets, the horde of boats across the waterfront and the vast amount of performing arts, dance and entertainment shows across the two days – overall we had a blast despite the pour down of rain over on Saturday & Sunday which did prevent us from watching the fireworks and missing out on seeing headliners These Colours play at The Louisiana. Speaking of music, the festival was hosting some of the best bands/artist the South West had to offer and as we do, we were there to check out what’s what so without further a do, here is our highlights from some the bands/artists we saw at the festival!



Photo Taken By Mustafa Mirreh

Somerset based duo Sharon Martin and Tom Chapman took the stage on the Cascade Step. A chilled out set indeed as people gathered around the steps as they played through songs from their debut album Under The Sky. We must admit there was a lot of creativity and energy in their music, Sharon on the violin and Tom on the guitar, providing a twist to the traditional English Folk sound along with some sing along melodies; it was a delight for us to hear.



Photo Taken By Mustafa Mirreh

The new harbour stage at Thelka was making it’s first appearance this year and indeed and hosted a lot of great bands throughout the festival. Bristol’s emerging female harmonising vocal group ForgotMeKnot were definitely one of our highlights from the festival. Vocalists Jo Hadler, Poppy McCarthy, Annie Wright and Ash Trafford took the stage in fine fashion with their harmonised melodies and gracious vocals along with their accompanied band. Their EP Dust is a must listen and was also chosen as our EP of the week – Dust EP Review https://creativesessionspresentstheflux.wordpress.com/2013/07/29/ep-review-forgetmeknot-dust/

George Mabuza Group


Photo Taken By Mustafa Mirreh

A little bit of Carnival/Jazz music to get the vibes going at queens square; on stage were George Mabuza Group showing off their top jazz talent and Mozambican carnival energy which got the people in good spirits. Families and children dancing around, the food markets and sense of culture and diversity, relaxing having a beverage; it was a good scene indeed and really captivated the festival spirit.


Even with the rain, we were still in good spirits and back to Thelka we went to see some more music action. We got to the bottom deck and on stage were three piece band Kitchenettes and they indeed they were pretty good. Their edgy rock sound and sharp vocals from the female lead were pretty impressive; she had a lot of energy and was confident on the stage. The sound though at times was a little off through a couple of their songs, though we think it might of been a technical thing but at the times the guitars and drums took over from the vocals which made it difficult to hear the lyrics, the riffs and drums beats also clashed making their sound a little distorted but besides those setbacks it was still a good set.

Robin Mitchell

Robin Mitchell

Photo Taken By Thelka

We did manage to catch some music on the acoustic stage and one musician we saw was singer/songwriter/poet Robin Mitchell. Different from his genre blending and creative chords was a stripped down acoustic set with his supported band and it was a beautiful set. Summery vibes as Robin was engaging with the audience throughout with his stunning vocals and backing harmonies, a nice surprise to our ears and music that left us with a smile.

Adding Machine

Adding Machine 2

Photo Taken By The Lousiana

We featured these guys not too long ago and here we got the chance to see them in action. Post punk pop with shrieking guitar riffs, and techi synths, Bristol’s four piece Adding Machine consisting of Hazel Mills, Greg Stoddard, Andy Sutor and TJ Alle rocked the Louisiana. Packed right in the crowd we were as we watched upon their set, the band were immediately in control as they were playing through their songs. Ships To Sink was great live and really showcased Hazel’s soaring vocals and the band’s versatile sound; sparking a little similarity to Florence & The Machine at times, eerie synths and thudding drums that builds up suspense and screeching riffs that added a lot of depth. Top set!

Oliver Wilde

Oliver Wilde

Photo Taken By Thelka

2013 has brought out some incredible artists and this artist here is no exception, Oliver Wilde has brought some of most creative piece of music to come out of the Bristol scene in a long time and having just released his debut album A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears, it’s already becoming one this year’s top records . We only managed to catch a couple of songs from his set but that’s more than enough catch the stunning and honest essence of his sound.  It was one of those live sets that you just watch in silence, let the ears do the talking and listen to the lo-fi commotion, dreamy layers, whispering riffs, fragile vocals engulfed in pure honesty and emotion – beautiful!

Evil Twin

If we had to pick our second favourite set of the festival it was definitely these guys, Bristol’s Evil Twin bringing that true rock n oll and British Indie to the festival. These guys rocked the stage with an energetic performance. Bringing a lot of creativity and flare with their low fi rock n roll, we would compare their sound to the likes of the Arctic Monkeys. Andrew Barnes baritone vocals really shined through the guitar and bass sounds, it was almost sounds like Alex Turner in the early stages of the Arctic Monkeys. Definitely one of our favourite sets from the festival.

We’re No Heroes

We're No Heroes

Photo Taken By Louise Tanner

These guys from Cardiff really added something special to the line up and indeed in their sound. Eerie indie sound, stretch echoed guitars and soaring vocals that will catch you from across the other side of the room. Distort The Air was a stand out track for us which really showed off the above qualities, a fresh element to the music we heard over the course of the festival and one we like to hear more of!


Tiers 2

Photo Taken By Thekla

After seeing them perform live at Department S (The Lanes) back in June, we were all set for catching them again once more at Thekla and indeed they smashed it! Perfect more like as everything was just right, the sound, the packed crowd and the general atmosphere; the band offered one of their best live sets to date showcasing their surfed up sounds, heavily reverbed guitars, thudding basslines and Sam’s soaring vocals that took full command. We highly recommend music fans to check out the Tiers, you’ll not be disappointed!

And that was it for another year, we had a good one despite the rain but nevertheless the festival was spot on! There were many more bands/artists we did miss out on unfortunately but hopefully we’ll get the chance to see them live soon so until then folks!

EP Review: ForgetMeKnot – Dust

FMK - Dust EP

THE FLUX’s Album/EP of the week is Dust by Bristol’s female pop/folk vocal group ForgetMeKnot, who also performed on Saturday at Bristol’s Harbourside Festival. Despite the rain clouds forming above us it was a beautiful set indeed as myself and several others watched Jo Hadler, Poppy McCarthy, Annie Wright and Ash Trafford take the Thekla stage in fine fashion with their harmonised and gracious vocals along with their accompanied band.

After grabbing myself a copy of their EP, I had the chance to listen to it in full and the EP doesn’t disappoint. ForgotMeKnot are a harmonised vocal group of the modern age and definitely something I haven’t seen in particular in the Bristol music scene until now. The girls bring something versatile and transcendent through their music, influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell and Fleet Foxes are evident but more importantly their willingness to explore and experiment with their sound. There are a lot of sounds from pop, acoustic to folk and you can even argue a little r&b, Dust explores and pushes boundaries that makes it for an exciting record to listen to.

In terms of the vocals, all four tracks from the record really portray their harmony and indeed introduce individual and unique levels in each of their vocals. Leading track Dust portrays the groups harmonious vocals so elegantly, the piano and the bass are almost inseparable in this piece as their vocals truly take command, soaring levels in the chorus really bring out the rawness and emotion being portray in the lyrics.

In Worn the piano and stretch guitar riffs complimenting each other so well, it almost makes the entire piece naturally flow in sync but what I do enjoy here is the versatility in the vocals, from high and fast to slow and gentle, their harmonies continue to push further and offer more. As the chorus is sung once more the piano softens down and the girls reach even higher, bringing sincerity and depth in their words.

The group’s lyrics although simple at times, tend to focus on a particular expression and I think it works well and along with their gracious vocals it emphasises on the emotion and meaning that is communicated across.

‘All I want is to find the place, that I can call home,

All I want is to find the face, that I’ve always known’ – Footprints

Dust is a piece of expression, exploration and clarity.  A record that opens a door of opportunities and showcases the elegant and mature vocal harmonies from this young group, ForgetMeKnot are an exciting prospect indeed and one that strongly resembles the diversity that exists in the Bristol music scene today. I’m looking foreward to hearing more from these guys as their music continues to grow and push boundaries.

Verdict – 4/5

Dust is available to buy and download on the group’s band page:


Review By Mustafa Mirreh