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Live Review: Best Boy Electric + Kohiba + The Rosa Gray Band + Finches Fly + Nick Byrne @ The Fleece (6/3/14)

Best Boy Electric + Kohiba + The Rosa Gray Band + Finches Fly + Nick Byrne @ The Fleece


A sudden flashback of early 90s indie pop, techno-colouring synths with roaring electric guitars, catchy drum beats and infectious vocals that soared to the skies. A blast from the past as electro rock band Best Boy Electric return back to the scene with a  headlined show at The Fleece last week.

Truth be told I had my hands in the air and had no idea what to expect, sure their previously released singles have been great as I listening back to them ahead of the show but in terms of live performance I wasn’t so sure. It has been 18 years since they’ve played and recorded music so anything could happen, and as soon as the first song kicked in I was totally blown away!

Back with a vengeance with their craft of electronic rock with orchestral analogue keyboard sounds and driving beats, extremely catchy hooks and infectious choruses they’ll get you dancing in a heartbeat – and believe me when I say that there were even grown men in the audience dancing away to the sounds of Best Boy Electric. The guys showed us that the burning spark of music never dies, even at their mature ages the band smashed it on stage with their power-driven electro rock.

Tantalising synths, striking guitar riffs, thudding drums and vocals that took full command. Lead vocalist Russ Sear up on the stage with his classic swagger, channeling the band with his powerful vocals, full of excitement and spirit as he sung through their classics from their 1994 record ‘WHY’.  Stand out tracks such as ‘Ride On’ and ‘Waiting For You’ illuminated the venue, a crash wave of 80s/90s pop; shimmering synths, thunderous drums and mesmerising guitar solos from Simon Donadel. ‘Love Is A Drug’ was another highlight, Nick Dyte’s groovy bass lines,  Si Taylor’s clapping drums driving the sound, Simon’s glittering guitar strings and Russ’s alluring pop vocals representing to the scene that electronic rock is still very much alive – a smashing performance and a welcoming comeback to the music scene as the guys are back in the studio to record a new album.

Now lets not forget the other acts as well as they were also some great bands on the bill. Bristol/Glastonbury trio Kohiba with their groovy bass lines and sharp guitar strings rocked a solid performance. Reminiscent of the Kaiser Chiefs with their refined sound, sharp riffs, cutting bass lines, crashing symbols and echoed vocals – ‘Close But No Cigar’ was class and a glimpse of good old ‘rock n rock’ edge in the 60s. Bath’s 6 piece The Rosa Gray Band got the party started at The Fleece with their slick and classic instruments. The essence of motown, jazz and reggae; groovy saxophone sounds,  big horns, tapping drum beats, slick bass lines and Rosa Grey’s soulful vocal made for sparkling performance. Lastly indie-rock band Finches Fly, although a young band, their performance showed a lot of promise; flickering guitar strings, layered bass lines, rolling drums and subtle vocals make for a solid performance.

*Disclaimer* due to arriving later to the show, I unfortunately missed out on Nick Byrne performance but I’m sure he was good nonetheless.

Review by Mustafa Mirreh