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Live Review: Future Of The Left @ The Fleece (09/10/14)

Future of the left – The Fleece, Bristol, 9th October 2014

Row of giant match sticks, burnt and sweaty posts as an age ranging crowd. Formal followers or fickle fascinations, converge for a string of angry cartoon songs that’ll flick your inner ear and slap McCluskys’ ghost.

A side stepping stamp, lyrics surreal and demented as “kept by bees” sparks a unison chant. Chris Morris, Bill Hicks truth or a compilation of stories from a senile aunt, shattered distortion, lacerates the air, kung fu guitar stabs rattle the roof.

Pencil thin grunge sound, fine Frank Black line is decidedly playful, as inebriated fingers scuttle up a fret board. But this evening has a footnote, an over-arching roar, tongue in cheek takes a back seat as Andy’s necks displays rage engorged veins with darkly sardonic intervals tumbling bass. A ball of “Wire“ fur pouring angst diagonal world view, hapless and cynical as Fugazi ingredients concoct a punk scent, injecting energy and throw away indignation with which we all concur.

The usual feel slightly fattened for slaughter, some tick-tock beats, occasional silent breeze with narrative whimpers, yelping bullet points the speckled frequencies break for “Mark Foley” agreement, a crowd echoing story through over-driven keys, backing vocals, dip toes in and out, chaotic genius hopping along political convictions, peppering the context, deliberately disastrous and “Dead Kennedy’s” spurious, a cathartic agitation as they spring from song to song.

Closing proceedings with a quick fire medley, sparked off with a ballad, quite uncharacteristic with mounting momentum, a culmination of which the dissection of drum kit amps scream in dispute as the order dissolves.

Review by Roger Ravencroft

Photography by Louise Brady

A Blunderbuss Press Distribution