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Live Review: Future Of The Left @ The Fleece (09/10/14)

Future of the left – The Fleece, Bristol, 9th October 2014

Row of giant match sticks, burnt and sweaty posts as an age ranging crowd. Formal followers or fickle fascinations, converge for a string of angry cartoon songs that’ll flick your inner ear and slap McCluskys’ ghost.

A side stepping stamp, lyrics surreal and demented as “kept by bees” sparks a unison chant. Chris Morris, Bill Hicks truth or a compilation of stories from a senile aunt, shattered distortion, lacerates the air, kung fu guitar stabs rattle the roof.

Pencil thin grunge sound, fine Frank Black line is decidedly playful, as inebriated fingers scuttle up a fret board. But this evening has a footnote, an over-arching roar, tongue in cheek takes a back seat as Andy’s necks displays rage engorged veins with darkly sardonic intervals tumbling bass. A ball of “Wire“ fur pouring angst diagonal world view, hapless and cynical as Fugazi ingredients concoct a punk scent, injecting energy and throw away indignation with which we all concur.

The usual feel slightly fattened for slaughter, some tick-tock beats, occasional silent breeze with narrative whimpers, yelping bullet points the speckled frequencies break for “Mark Foley” agreement, a crowd echoing story through over-driven keys, backing vocals, dip toes in and out, chaotic genius hopping along political convictions, peppering the context, deliberately disastrous and “Dead Kennedy’s” spurious, a cathartic agitation as they spring from song to song.

Closing proceedings with a quick fire medley, sparked off with a ballad, quite uncharacteristic with mounting momentum, a culmination of which the dissection of drum kit amps scream in dispute as the order dissolves.

Review by Roger Ravencroft

Photography by Louise Brady

A Blunderbuss Press Distribution

Single Review: Why We Love – ‘Patina’


Bristol’s indie pop four piece Why We Love have released their brand new single Patina and is available to stream now over at soundcloud.

We first saw them live at Bristol’s independent music community UATM, showcasing their feel-good alternative pop waves over at The Louisiana, since then sibling fronted four piece (Joe, Rachel, Matt and Anthony) have been working on new material in the studio, featured on BBC Introducing Bristol and shared the stage with the likes of Moon Club, Tiers and many more.

Each time their sound getting bigger and bigger, groove-slick guitar strings, hard-hitting drums and alluring vocal harmonies. Patina is certainly catchy, indie pop goodness that’s soulful and charming, a perfect addition to your spring season.

Take a listen to the track below, be sure to catch Why We Love supporting Teleman at The Fleece on May 16th.